The National Secretary

The National Secretary of the Socialist Party USA is Greg Pason. Pason is not a is a democratic socialist; he is an autocratic capitalist. Furthermore, Pason does not focus on the job for which he is paid. He serves in positions at the state party level, and he participates in local activism instead of focusing his attention on his national responsibilities. Pason has even gone so far as to run for political offices without first resigning from the position of National Secretary.

Greg Pason

Incompetent Leadership

The job of National Secretary is vital to the growth of the Socialist Party USA. Stagnation and the lack of sustained, measurable growth is the result of an incompetent National Secretary. Greg Pason lacks the qualities needed in a National Secretary. Pason's missing qualities include, but are not limited to, an understanding of Executive Leadership, Public Relations, Strategic Planning, Projection Mapping, Sustainability Strategies, Nonprofit Management, Marketing Research and Online Marketing.

Greg Pason | Socialist Party USA

Greg Pason is a Capitalist

A standard criticism of the Socialist Party USA for the past several years is: The Socialist Party USA is not socialist, but capitalist in nature. Capitalism has private control of the means of profit. If members of the democratically-elected National Committee are not subservient to the National Secretary, they will be purged from the party. Greg Pason, as the minority class, survives through the exploitation of the majority membership class. Pason claims profits for his personal earnings above the financial support of members, the party, and the advancement of socialism itself. At Socialist Party USA, Greg Pason has been responsible for membership inequality and party economic instability.

Greg Pason | Socialist Party USA

Signs of Leadership Failure

The following seven signs are indicative of organizational failures, which are directly attributable to Greg Pason's failed leadership at the Socialist Party USA.

Characteristics of Management Failure

The following fifteen characteristics are associated with poor management, which are reflected in Greg Pason actions as National Secretary for the Socialist Party USA.

1. Lack of Transparency

There’s no reason Pason should not to be entirely transparent with the party faithful. Full transparency would have helped members come together as a united party. But, Pason's lack of transparency resulted in a lack of trust.

2. Not Listening

A political party should reflect the views of the constituents. Rather than impose what socialists must believe to be a member of Socialist Party USA, Greg Pason should have listened to public opinion, then shaped the party message around that.

3. Dismissing Ideas Not His Own

Members should never feel guilty about expressing an idea. Understanding a good idea, helping to develop it and providing strong praise and credit where due is incredibly important.

4. Valuing Experience Over Potential

The National Secretary should have been more careful not to value experience over potential. Some of the best members are new members. They often have something that’s impossible to train or develop — an internal drive to reshape the world.

5. Ego

True leaders accept blame when things go wrong and give credit to the members when things go right. In order to be a true visionary leader, Greg Pason would have needed to let go of his ego and focus on the members because without them the Socialist Party USA would be nowhere.

6. Working 24/7

Passion drives the activist; but, it should not drive the National Secretary. Working 24/7 for the cause creates a sense of ownership, which moves Greg Pason to be protective of "his turf." If someone comes along that can do things better, dedication to the party mandates the National Secretary should step aside.

7. Lack of Empathy

The National Secretary must understand the problems the state affiliates face, and then begin doing everything possible to remove barriers to entry so local members can pursue political offices. These barriers include a lack of resources, a lack of direction and a lack of culture, none of which Greg Pason has tried to develop.

8. Forgetting About Leadership Development

Educating the members and creating a growth plan for Socialist Party USA is one of the things that should have never been ignored. And, more importantly, holding Greg Pason accountable when the plans do not reach fruition. Having a path for growth increases member retention.

9. Being Overly Conservative

This may sound strange for a group of bleeding-heart liberals, but clinging to the traditional ways of doing things is conservatism. A good National Secretary must be absolutely tenacious in getting results — from himself, from state affiliates, members, and even the constituents.

10. Permitting Negative Gossip

Allowing any sort of negative gossip about others sends a signal that it’s not safe to be around those party members. Trust is immediately shattered, and people fear that what they may say might be shared behind their backs. Not taking measures to eradicate rumors harmed the party morale, and impeded the flow of honest feedback and communication throughout the entire party.

11. Poor Communication of Strategy

Even if the National Secretary mapped out ideas in his head, he doesn't share the process. How much mental effort is expended on new concepts at the state level, only do discover they have already been used elsewhere? Clear communication moves the entirte party towards common goals.

12. Closed-Mindedness

It’s crucial for an effective National Secretary to be open-minded, and to listen to feedback and ideas from the members. Too many members have been forced out of the Socialist Party USA because Greg Pason is closed-minded and unwilling to change his perspective.

13. Assigning Blame

Members come and members go. But, the failure for sustained growth must remain with the National Secretary. That is where the responsibility is ultimately held anyway. Too many members have been discarded because Greg Pason assigned blame instead of proposing solutions.

14. Inconsistency

From the national officers to state affiliates, and among members and constituents alike, far too many projects are planned that are never fulfilled, or plans are started but never carried out to a successful completion.

15. Being Too Slow to Adapt

A lack of knowledge leads to indecision and fear, which will cause new members to quickly lose trust in their leaders and leave the party. A National Secretary can't indwell on local activism as an escape from dealing with national issues.

A Call for Greg Pason's Resignation

Where are the 12 million constituents that voted for Bernie Sanders? If 48 percent of the voting public would be willing to vote for a socialist for president, why is the growth of Socialist Party USA so anemic? There are natural times of political concern and times of complacency. An effective leader will inspire growth during both periods. Effective growth is measurable and predictable, and directly attributable to the leader's actions. But, Socialist Party USA sees neither; therefore, the former members of the Socialist Party USA call upon Greg Pason:
Resign for the Good of the Party!